Teaching Children Positive Affirmations

Life With Our Wild Ones

Let’s talk about teaching our children the beauty of Positive Affirmations! This was something my parents would do frequently with me as a child without even really realizing that they were doing it. It is also something that I felt very passionate about teaching my children from a young age so that they can grow up with confidence, kindness, and respect for not only themselves but for others around them.

Last year during lockdown we were reading a book on kindness and Millie looked over at me and said “Mummy I think that I am very kind because I gave Ollie my bunny when he was sad” I was so proud in that moment as it hit me that by chanting positive affirmations and reading books to them that reflect these positive affirmations, really does have a huge impact on them in the best possible way. Win!

We were out for our daily lockdown walk one day and were collecting some leaves and fallen flowers (Nature’s treasure as my littles would refer to them) for some arts and crafts activities later that afternoon. As we were strolling along Ollie went running up and climbed onto a large concrete step, which was quite high and a decent jump for him down to the ground. He looked over at me with the most determined little face shouting “I am Ollie and I am so brave” before jumping down to the ground. It gave me a great idea for their afternoon arts and crafts that we could make our own Affirmation Board for us to hang up on our wall.

When we got home, we made a start. We found an old cardboard box and cut it into an arched window shape. We cut a face hole out of the middle as I originally had the idea to stick it on to the mirror that they are constantly admiring themselves in so that they would remember to do their affirmations while looking at their beautiful little faces in the mirror.  

As we made our affirmation board we discussed what we wanted to write on our window under the words

“I AM”

I am Kind” shouted Millie

I am Brave” said Ollie ever so proudly

The following affirmations were also discussed and added to our window:

I am Happy

I am Lucky

I am Healthy

I am Funny

I am Loved

As we finished writing our affirmations on the window Millie asked if we could also add a rainbow and some of the flowers that we had collected earlier that day on our walk because they were also beautiful and happy like our affirmation board.

This truly was a wholesome afternoon with my children that cost nothing but time and love that I hope will continue to enrich my precious little humans in the years to come.

I hope you all stay safe and sane whereever you may be and remember to be kind to yourself. And remember:

You are strong

You are kind

You are brave

You are enough

Chelsea xx

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Ice-Painting with the Children

Ice cube painting 1

Life With Our Wild Ones

Hey Everyone! 

Since working from home more & more and having the twins sporadically in and out of daycare, I find that I have been spending so much time at the end of each day scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest looking for fun activities that will entertain the kids so I can attempt to get some work done the following day. Anyone else feel this?

There are so many great Instagram accounts out there that I am inspired from. My dad’s wife is also constantly sharing toddler arts & crafts ideas that she stumbles across on Facebook with me.  I love looking at lots of different pages and getting new ideas of fun sensory activities to do with my little people. I’m not going to lie though I think I find these activite’s just as much fun as what they do most of the time. 

Millie and Ollie LOVE painting. Its so funny watching them concentrate and seeing how excited they get when they create a new picture or when they mix a whole lot different colours together. They look up and say “Oooohhhh pretty picture” and you can see it in their faces how incredibly proud of themselves they are.

As they love painting so much I started googling different styles of painting and came across Ice Cube Painting. As soon as I found this I loved the idea and I knew that Millie and Ollie would love it too. Such a great idea and super easy to set up.
To make ice cube paints you will need:
  • Ice Tray
  • Food Colouring (if you don’t have food colouring you can also use watered down paint)
  • Paddle Pop Craft Sticks (or tooth picks)
  • Water
  • Aprons (I cannot stress this one enough, lol)
How to make ice cube paint:
I recommend doing this the night before to give the ice cubes time to set. Add about 10 drops of food colouring into the ice cube tray sections. You can add more food colouring if you would like a darker colour. Keep it in mind though that the colour will melt and may temporarily stain hands and any other body part your child decides to paint. Top up ice cube tray sections with water. Use craft paddle pop stick to mix each colour and leave the stick in the tray to use as a handle for the paint. I used a bigger deeper ice cube tray so i could just rest the stick in and freeze but you could also cover the ice cube tray with cling film and poke a tooth pick through to hold the stick up ensuring the handle doesn’t fall out. 

Lets get ready to paint!
Once paint is set the ice cubes should pop out of the ice cube tray rather easily. If not run some warm water over the bottom of the tray and they should pop out. I drew a little picture on a piece of paper so that they would have something to colour in.
TIP – Don’t make the same mistake I did and not put an apron on the kids prior to letting them loose with the paint! 
Millie and Ollie really loved this unique painting experience. They loved mixing the colours together and understood the sense of urgency to paint as the ice cubes started melting. The really loved touching the ice cubes and telling each other that the paint was very cold. 

This was such a fun sensory paint activity. It entertained the kids for quite some time and they really enjoyed using their imagination and creating their ice cube paintings. I highly recommend trying this with your little people!! If your keen to check out and follow some instagram pages for more ideas, some of my absolute faves are @the.bored.toddler, @activelittles, @play_at_home_mummy and @ecocraftkids. 

Feel free to share your fave in the comments! Have a wonderful week, Chelsea x

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Life With Our Wild Ones

Let me introduce myself

My name is Chelsea and I am 37 years young, and mum to almost 4 year old twins ‘Millie and Ollie’. 
Life with Millie and Ollie is hectic to say the least. They are the most fun loving, adventurous little humans but my gosh they just don’t stop. They are constantly wanting to explore new places and things which I love although a small part of me wishes that just sometimes they would chill, put their feet up and watch a Disney movie. They certainly keep me on my toes!
I work four days a week while the kids go to daycare and look forward to Fridays where the three of us get to have a fun day together catching up with friends, discovering new parks or sometimes even spending a day at home in our PJ’s doing some fun arts and crafts activities together. Keep an eye out for these posts as I share my fave activities for you to keep your little ones just as busy!
 Weekends again are a time we look forward to as most do. Myself and my partner are both home and so we do fun weekend things like hanging out at the markets, going to the beach and finding other fun weekend adventures to go on. 
Life with Millie and Ollie is crazy but we would not have it any other way.
Currently with the Covid-19 pandemic we  have been spending a lot more time at home finding fun new things to do to keep Millie and Ollie entertained and their minds and imaginations active. 
I hope this blog inspires and helps you find some fun new things to do with your little people. Looking forward to sharing ‘life with our wild ones‘ with you all.
Chelsea xx

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