Family Intervention & Preservation

  • Preventative Intervention for Families in Crisis

  • Family Restoration & Healthy Attachments

  • Family Reunification & Transition Planning

  • Foster & Kinship Placement support

  • Positive Behaviour Support

The Nurtured Seeds program drives the theory, that all parents are able to make the positive change, that their interaction and engagement is crucial to the well-being of their child and without their investment, change is not possible.

This approach is strengths-based and encourages self-help, empowerment, and investment in the process. The program seeks to teach and mentor rather than support and hold.

A focus is placed on the key strategies for change to occur, embracing the concept of self- awareness and empowerment in developing the skills for calmer and mindful parenting. Parents are mentored, upskilled and educated around what can be achieved by them as a parent in order to keep their child safe or provide a safer environment.

Intervention and Preservation is adaptable to the need of the family in supporting reunification, placement stabilisation, transition planning and implementation as well as Foster and Kinship support.

Outreach & Clincial Services

Outreach Services:

  • Individualised transitional support – Transition to Adulthood
  • Supporting Young People in transient accomodation
  • Youth Justice Case Consulting & mentoring
  • Therapeutic Support

Clinical Services:

  • Therapy, Holistic Therapies, Counselling

  • Doula Services

  • Clinical Assessments – Foster & Kinship Assessments

  • EAP services

  • Sensory Processing & Complex Behaviour Guidance

Professional Development, Training & Supervision

All professionals in the child protection realm hold a responsibility to participate on ongoing professional development, inclusive of further education, related workshops, keeping up to date with current literature and engagement in professional forums in a bid to maintain best practice, upholding their knowledge, skills and competence. Flourish offer a wide range of services to professionals including training in areas such as:

  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
  • Three Pillars of Transforming Care
  • Circles of Security
  • Trauma & Attachment
  • Raising Resilient Kids
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Sexually Reactive Behaviours

Other training and development opportunities are available in business management, leadership, human services, child-protection and well-being. For a full overview of our professional development services please contact our team for a consultation.

Flourish provide consultation to stabilise residential placements in a bid to prevent breakdown. This comprises of child and team assessment, consulting with child to ensure their voice is captured with their views and wishes incorporated as well as consultation with the team around the child and greater stakeholder group. Flourish practitioners identify both the strengths and barriers to change within the team and adapts training and processes to fit the need. Ongoing group and individual supervision is provided during the implementation stages to ensure consistency in practice.

Professional Coaching & Parenting Workshops

Flourish Community Solutions are committed to up-skilling and developing professionals; individuals; and communities. Our commitment to social responsibility is to empower communities and up-skill parents to be the key agents of change in their children’s lives.

Our team includes industry professionals, life coaches, and parenting experts, offering workshops and skill development opportunities to parents, carers and young people.

We offer a range of development workshops for families and kids to participate in together, including mindfulness workshops and kids yoga therapy. Our parental workshops focus on evidence based parenting approaches, providing parents and carers with the skills to apply and adapt these to their everyday parenting style. These workshops are delivered by qualified practitioners in schools and community based settings.

Working alongside our industry partners to bring you quality services.
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Assessment Services

Flourish has a team of highly skilled professionals, competent in delivering a variety of assessments in children and family services. Our assessments are client focused and have been integrated into many areas of our preservation work in the Nurtured Seeds program to identify barriers to change that may not be overtly present. This allows us to adapt our service to address individual needs contributing to the factors influencing the current situation.

Our available assessments include:

  • Foster and Kinship Care Assessments
  • Winingay Aboriginal Kinship Assessments
  • Parental Capacity & Presenting Risks
  • Sibling Placements
  • Mental Health assessments
  • Drug & Alcohol screening tools

Please contact our team to enquire about further assessments available.