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Supporting Families through Domestic and Family Violence: Our Approach 

At Flourish Community Solutions, we are deeply committed to supporting families impacted by domestic and family violence through evidence-based models that prioritise safety, healing, and empowerment. We have specialist practitioners trained to facilitate safe support and guidance to those experiencing DFV. Our primary models include Safe and Together™ and Shark Cage, both of which are designed to provide effective support and facilitate recovery for those affected by violence and abuse.

In Australia today, addressing domestic and family violence remains a critical and urgent issue. Every year, thousands of individuals and families across the nation face the devastating impacts of violence in their homes—a place where safety and love should prevail. The need for comprehensive support services has never been more apparent.

At the forefront of this fight, dedicated organisations work tirelessly to offer refuge, counselling, legal assistance, and educational programs aimed at preventing violence and supporting survivors. These services are vital in helping individuals rebuild their lives and in fostering communities where respect and safety are paramount.

Yet, despite ongoing efforts, the demand for these services continues to grow. The complexity and scope of domestic and family violence require a robust response that not only addresses immediate safety needs but also tackles the underlying societal and cultural factors that perpetuate violence.

Now more than ever, we need to support and expand these essential services. By providing adequate resources, training, and public awareness, we can enhance the effectiveness of interventions and ensure that no one must face this struggle alone. Together, we can work towards a future where domestic and family violence is eradicated, and every Australian can live in a safe and supportive environment.

Safe and Together™ Model

The Safe and Together™ model is a perpetrator pattern-based approach that focuses on the safety and well-being of children and the non-offending parent. This model emphasizes:

Keeping the family together safely: By mapping out the patterns of coercive and violent behaviours of the perpetrator, interventions are specifically tailored to reduce harm and disruption to the family unit.

Partnering with the non-offending parent: Recognizing them as a vital ally in safeguarding the children, this approach supports their strengths while addressing the challenges they face due to the abuse.

Building stronger safety plans: Through detailed assessments and collaborative planning, we ensure that every safety plan is robust, comprehensive, and contextually appropriate for each family.

Shark Cage Model

The Shark Cage model is an innovative approach designed to empower individuals, particularly women, who have experienced domestic violence and sexual abuse. This model focuses on:

  • Developing personal boundaries: It teaches individuals how to identify and maintain strong personal boundaries, effectively “building a shark cage” that guards against future abuse.
  • Recognising warning signs: Clients are equipped to recognise the ‘sharks’ or warning signs of manipulative and abusive behaviours early on.
  • Empowerment through therapy: The model uses therapeutic tools to help clients build self-esteem and assertiveness, enabling them to reclaim their power and prevent further victimisation.

Our Integrated Services

By integrating the Safe and Together™ and Shark Cage models into our service offerings, Flourish Community Solutions ensures that each intervention is not only trauma-informed but also empowering, fostering an environment where healing and resilience can thrive. Our trained specialists are dedicated to guiding families and individuals through their recovery journey, providing support that is both compassionate and constructive.

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe and supportive environment, and our models are designed to make this a reality for the families we serve.