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Youth Week 2022

Youth Week is held in April each year and is a celebration of young people from 12 to 25 years of age.

Youth Week highlights the contributions young people make to the different regions within Queensland and provides an opportunity for our communities to celebrate as they showcase their talents, participate in events and share their points of view.

This year the Flourish team held two stalls – one in the South West Region and the Central Queensland team set up activities in Rockhampton. Getting out in the community and supporting our Youth through activities was a great way to hear from them and find out whats needed in our community from their perspective. 


We set up a stall at the Goodna event hosted by Ipswich Community Youth Service (ICYC), where we hosted carnival games such as ring toss and a carnival can toss.

We had such a great turn out with lots of local young people coming back so that they could keep trying to win the games. Competative streaks were in full swing! We also assisted in overseeing the bungee jumping castle, this was so much fun even our Flourish team wanted a turn!

Our tables full of treats, books and colouring in activities was empty with lots of happy faces popping in to say hello.

In Rockhampton our team spent the day hosting arts and crafts activities, as well as handing out lots of Flourish treats. This again, provided a great opportunity to connect with the young people. Opening segway’s for conversations on what is pressuring youth today and how they can be supported to overcome the hurdles they face in todays society.

Both events had such a great turn out and the Flourish team had an excellent time spending their day within the community at both youth week events. 

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