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I have been in a weird headspace of late, feeling totally uninspired and run down. My patience with my family was starting to slip and in short, we were all just starting to get on each other’s nerves (anyone relate??). My partner & I were bickering over things that wouldn’t normally even bother us, and Millie & Ollie were beginning to show us regularly how wonderful they were at throwing tantrums! Practice makes perfect right!

I feel like this is a totally normal feeling that young families go through at one point or another. I think the most important thing is to recognise when this is happening so you know when you can help each other raise those vibrations again. Every family has their own way of coping with this, for us we talk it out and find a solution on what we can do to change that negative energy that has come into our home.

On this occasion, we decided that we all needed a change of scene, somewhere we had never been, to get out in nature and be near the sea.  

Don’t get me wrong, this change of scene is not going to magically solve everything, however we hoped that a spontaneous road trip and night away would change out mindset that would in turn help us bring that positive energy back into our family.

Ever since I met Rhys he has spoken a lot about a magical place he had once been called Seventeen Seventy. He has always told me that he wanted to take us there and warned that when we went there, we would fall in love and never want to leave.

We packed the kids into the car as the sun was rising on Saturday morning and by lunchtime we arrived in paradise. We explored the beautiful Paperbark Forest & found secluded alcove beaches that you could only get to by rock climbing down to.

As I was sitting on one of these beaches admiring the raw beauty and watching Millie & Ollie, I noticed that since we arrived, they had not argued once, they were being kind to each other, encouraging each other to try new things, I was feeling inspired, Rhys and I had changed the way we were speaking to each other, and we were all working together once again.

We arrived home late on Sunday evening and since arriving home there has been a positive shift in energy in our home. It made me realize that ditching our day-by-day routine, a night away, being out in nature and by the sea is one of the best things for our family. Unfortunately, sometimes for us a night away isn’t always financially possible however ditching routines for a day or two, a short road trip, removing technology and getting out in nature to explore somewhere new is achievable and affordable. The only thing that this really costs is time and effort, however it is totally worth it for me if it means that it reconnects our family.

Something that I have heard being said is that when you have kids you are limited to what you can do, where you can go or how far you can go, and I need to disagree with this. I was slightly nervous about a six-hour drive with Millie & Ollie however they were brilliant. They loved looking out the window, taking turns on what music we played, playing with their car toys, chatting to us, playing Eye Spy and having a car nap. Not all children are the same, but I have come to realize that my mini’s love having their limits pushed and benefit from this as well.

I would love to hear what kind of adventures that you and your families go on and where you go as I am always looking to add new places to our adventure list.

Chelsea x

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