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Teaching Children Positive Affirmations

Life With Our Wild Ones

Let’s talk about teaching our children the beauty of Positive Affirmations! This was something my parents would do frequently with me as a child without even really realizing that they were doing it. It is also something that I felt very passionate about teaching my children from a young age so that they can grow up with confidence, kindness, and respect for not only themselves but for others around them.

Last year during lockdown we were reading a book on kindness and Millie looked over at me and said “Mummy I think that I am very kind because I gave Ollie my bunny when he was sad” I was so proud in that moment as it hit me that by chanting positive affirmations and reading books to them that reflect these positive affirmations, really does have a huge impact on them in the best possible way. Win!

We were out for our daily lockdown walk one day and were collecting some leaves and fallen flowers (Nature’s treasure as my littles would refer to them) for some arts and crafts activities later that afternoon. As we were strolling along Ollie went running up and climbed onto a large concrete step, which was quite high and a decent jump for him down to the ground. He looked over at me with the most determined little face shouting “I am Ollie and I am so brave” before jumping down to the ground. It gave me a great idea for their afternoon arts and crafts that we could make our own Affirmation Board for us to hang up on our wall.

When we got home, we made a start. We found an old cardboard box and cut it into an arched window shape. We cut a face hole out of the middle as I originally had the idea to stick it on to the mirror that they are constantly admiring themselves in so that they would remember to do their affirmations while looking at their beautiful little faces in the mirror.  

As we made our affirmation board we discussed what we wanted to write on our window under the words

“I AM”

I am Kind” shouted Millie

I am Brave” said Ollie ever so proudly

The following affirmations were also discussed and added to our window:

I am Happy

I am Lucky

I am Healthy

I am Funny

I am Loved

As we finished writing our affirmations on the window Millie asked if we could also add a rainbow and some of the flowers that we had collected earlier that day on our walk because they were also beautiful and happy like our affirmation board.

This truly was a wholesome afternoon with my children that cost nothing but time and love that I hope will continue to enrich my precious little humans in the years to come.

I hope you all stay safe and sane whereever you may be and remember to be kind to yourself. And remember:

You are strong

You are kind

You are brave

You are enough

Chelsea xx

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