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Life With Our Wild Ones

Let me introduce myself

My name is Chelsea and I am 37 years young, and mum to almost 4 year old twins ‘Millie and Ollie’. 
Life with Millie and Ollie is hectic to say the least. They are the most fun loving, adventurous little humans but my gosh they just don’t stop. They are constantly wanting to explore new places and things which I love although a small part of me wishes that just sometimes they would chill, put their feet up and watch a Disney movie. They certainly keep me on my toes!
I work four days a week while the kids go to daycare and look forward to Fridays where the three of us get to have a fun day together catching up with friends, discovering new parks or sometimes even spending a day at home in our PJ’s doing some fun arts and crafts activities together. Keep an eye out for these posts as I share my fave activities for you to keep your little ones just as busy!
 Weekends again are a time we look forward to as most do. Myself and my partner are both home and so we do fun weekend things like hanging out at the markets, going to the beach and finding other fun weekend adventures to go on. 
Life with Millie and Ollie is crazy but we would not have it any other way.
Currently with the Covid-19 pandemic we  have been spending a lot more time at home finding fun new things to do to keep Millie and Ollie entertained and their minds and imaginations active. 
I hope this blog inspires and helps you find some fun new things to do with your little people. Looking forward to sharing ‘life with our wild ones‘ with you all.
Chelsea xx

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