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Kids and the Outdoors

Life with our Wild Ones

There is nothing that calms Millie & Ollie more than going on an Adventure into Nature. Whether it is a Bushwalk, a trip to the Beach, a Creek, or a Waterfall –  they instantly calm down.

From time-to-time Threenager tantrums get the better of us to the point that I have no patience left in me and my choices are to either go and lock myself in the bathroom OR to get the kids out of the house and into nature. Sometimes its just not possible to go on a Bushwalk or to the Beach, but I find just a walk or scooter ride to the park can have the same outcome for them…. as well as myself.

When at home it can sometimes be challenging because you want to have fun with the kids, however I find that I can be guilty of falling into the trap of thinking I can multitask entertaining the kids, doing the washing, and cleaning the house all at the same time. One thing I need to learn is that there is no point in doing this because I am the one that ends up stressed out and it does take away that precious time to purely focus on having fun with the kids and really, I should know by now that there is no point in trying to clean with them awake anyway because it won’t stay clean longer than five minutes.

Getting out of the house and especially into Nature is medicine for parents as much as it is for children. For me, it gives me the opportunity to slow down, clear my head and be 100% present with my children without seeing things I must do and writing lists in my head of all the things I think I need to do at home. It gives me the time to watch my children play, laugh, push their limits, build their confidence, use their imagination, appreciate them and be so grateful that they chose me to be their mum.  After getting out in nature I fill my cup and return home feeling energized and in a better mindset.

For the kids it is amazing how much they calm down. I’ve really noticed that we have no or very limited tantrums, there is no fighting, as they are in their element exploring, using their imagination, and playing with whatever bits of nature they can find. I love that they are also building respect for the outdoors as well as gaining confidence and becoming in tune with the land, which I personally feel is incredibly important to teach our children.

Living in the City it’s not always possible to get out for a bushwalk, however we are very fortunate to live in a leafy suburb with plenty of parks which as I mentioned earlier can have the same outcome as getting out in nature. A trip to the park is a great opportunity to get away from screens and explore. We love exploring new playgrounds and skateparks. Lockdown was actually a great opportunity for the kids to practice on their bikes and scooters. Millie & Ollie were practicing A LOT in our driveway and were so eager to get back to the Skate Park when it finally reopened. Even going to the park or the Skate Park is the perfect opportunity for me to stop and slow down and admire my gorgeous children.

Next time you are at home and the kids are fighting, throwing tantrums, getting restless and you feel yourself becoming stressed try getting them outside. Take them for a walk, a bike ride, or a trip to the park. See for yourself how easy this can quickly improve your stress levels and how your children’s behavior changes. Depending on the day maybe their behavior won’t change much but at least you as a parent will be a little less stressed and in a better position mentally to handle your emotional child. Take a break from what you need to do, you definitely deserve it.

Chelsea xx

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