Keeva House

Flourish Mum’s and Baby program provides a safe environment in which vulnerable Mothers and their babies can be supported in those early precious days together. Providing a high level of quality round the clock care, our multidisciplinary team of professional practitioner’s support Mum’s with the essential care and skills needed to safely care for their children and build healthy attachment.

Adopting a community care approach, Mums who enter the program have access to Social Workers, Health Practitioners, Counsellors, and Doulas. Each Mum is provided a case plan and supported to move through this holistically to meet the needs of themselves and their baby. Through high quality, evidence-based practice, each Mum will be provided support and upskilling within their parental capacity to achieve departmental goals and progress with caring for their child independently.

The program has a primary focus in providing a service that meets the needs of babies born into adversity considered at risk of harm. In a bid to mitigate trauma experienced through the loss of a caregiver, Flourish will provide a multidisciplinary wrap around service that will meet their critical needs from the beginning, strengthening their attachment and Mum’s capacity to reduce risk of future harm through education and support.

For more information on the program, current capacity and model of care – please contact [email protected]

Behind the name

‘Keeva’ has been derived from the Irish name ‘Caoimhe’ meaning Beautiful, Precious, Protected and Gentle. 

As they enter this unknown world, Flourish strive to support Mum’s to protect and nurture their precious little ones. 

Keeva house aims to keep mums and babies together safely from hospital to home. 

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